Judge Cancels No-Call Hearing, Decision Expected Soon

A federal judge has canceled a hearing previously scheduled for today in the case of the American Teleservices Association's constitutional challenge to the national no-call list.

The hearing had been set to discuss whether the implementation of the no-call list should be delayed pending a ruling in the ATA's case, which is being heard in U.S. District Court in Denver. The judge canceled the hearing without intention to reschedule, Tim Searcy, executive director of the ATA, said yesterday.

The ATA expects the judge to issue a ruling soon on whether the no-call implementation should be delayed, Searcy said. He declined to speculate on the outcome.

“Any answer at this point would be positive,” Searcy said. “It's the limbo we're in at this point that is frustrating.”

The national list is scheduled to become effective Oct. 1. About 48.2 million phone numbers are currently registered to the list.

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