Jordan Vineyard offers rewards for loyal connoisseurs

Jordan Vineyard and Winery, a California-based estate that produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, has launched a new loyalty program called “Jordan Estate Rewards.”

The program awards three points per dollar spent on Jordan wines, food, wine tastings and other services and products. As of September, customers can start redeeming points for guest privileges at the winery, including tours, tastings, private dining, fishing excursions and overnight getaways — all rewards targeted to Jordan’s core consumer audience of people that enjoy fine wine and culinary experiences.

“We were trying to find a way to do a better job of connecting with our customers and showing our appreciation for their support of the brand and their loyalty,” said Gordon Palmateer, director of sales and marketing for Jordan. “We wanted to offer a very special and unique program where they could take advantage of all the wonderful things that are occurring at Jordan in addition to the wine.”

The winery relies heavily on word of mouth referral to build its consumer base, Palmateer added, so he’s hoping that the program will get satisfied customers talking. The winery has also created handouts about the rewards program for in-person visitors and posted information on its Web site and in its most recent newsletter.

People can sign up for Jordan Estate Rewards when they make a purchase in person, by phone, online, or by joining the vineyard’s online mailing list. Jordan is offering extra incentives to recent customers by rewarding points for any purchases made in the past three years; personal invitations to join Jordan Estate Rewards were sent to these past buyers.

Jordan maintains each customer’s points balance on a rolling three-year period, and customers can check their points earnings by logging into the Jordan Web site. Members must earn 4500 points to enter the lowest reward level; the top reward tier starts at 45,000 points. Bottles of the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon sell for $50 to $1600 on its Web site.

“Our goals are to make sure we have a great experience for our customers, so we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance that experience,” Palmateer said. “We’re hoping that when our current customers take advantage of the program they have what they feel is an enhanced experience, so then they will be telling other people about our program, and that will get new customers to come and take advantage of it.”

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