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JG Wentworth plans integrated campaign

Financial services company JG Wentworth will launch a multichannel campaign later this year to build on its 877-Cash-Now TV ads, company CMO Phil Donahue told Direct Marketing News on June 3.

JG Wentworth is working with direct response agency Karlin & Pimsler on “several DRTV spots” targeting “broad demographics” that will launch in the coming months, he said. The effort will include direct mail, email, search marketing and social media.

The Bryn Mawr, Pa.-based company will handle the direct mail and social media marketing in-house, and agency Vantage Media will handle search and email marketing, said Donahue. “The company does not have an AOR,” he said.

“As a direct response marketer, the goal is to get the phone to ring,” said Donahue. “As a marketer, it’s to reinforce the JG Wentworth brand.”

He added that the initiative will try to “provoke great response” and “test a variety of response vehicles.”

The company’s website features 15 direct response videos. Each spot includes a telephone call-to-action.

Donahue declined to specify when the campaign will launch, other than to say “we still have a bit of work ahead of us.”

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