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Jay Z Makes Waves in Music Marketing With Tidal

In what could go down as the most meta marketing moment of 2015, prolific influencer Jay Z unveiled his newest, and long-awaited, music project Monday with a host of other luminary artists, including wife Beyoncé, singers Rihanna and Madonna, rapper Kanye West, and superstars Nicki Minaj and Usher.

All gathered at yesterday’s highly orchestrated announcement in New York to promote and celebrate the relaunch of Tidal, a subscription-based music streaming service. Tidal—formally WiMP, which Jay Z purchased in January—could contend with the likes of music-streaming giant, Spotify.

Aside from its emphasis on high-fidelity (HiFi) audio, details on the service remain limited. Jay Z, his followers, his compatriots, and their followers stormed social media, making waves with bright cyan and global trending hashtags, such as #TIDALforALL. The campaign might prove to be a paradigm for marketers of the future.

Responses to Tidal—and its attached fanfare—have been surprisingly mixed.

The ultimate success of Jay Z’s Tidal campaign may lie in its instant—and sustained—viral momentum. The staunch and poignant criticisms of Tidal seem largely balanced with the sense of puzzlement and excitement, at least in Twitter conversations. Regardless, the launch of Tidel will likely go down as one of the most impressive displays of influencer marketing this side of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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