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Jack in the Box: Halloween Marketing Begins

Halloween Marketing
Halloween Marketing

Jack in the Box, a well-known fast food franchise, is getting into the Halloween spirit with a thrilling multichannel campaign. Jack in the Box has released its first horror short film, “Feeding Time,” in partnership with TBWAChiatDay LA to promote the return of their popular Monster Tacos and the debut of their Angry Monster Tacos. The campaign as a whole, including the short film, short-form spots, experiential activations, and more, is meant to shake up the customary October marketing cycle by providing consumers with something new and exciting.

The Terrifying Short Film, “Feeding Time”

The gripping plot of “Feeding Time” revolves around two young trick-or-treaters who, on a spooky Halloween night, run into three anonymous teenagers wearing masks. This Hollywood short film by Marcus Dunstan, Asha Michelle Wilson, Patrick Melton, and Kara Lee Corthron gives those who were affected by the recent WGA writers strike a chance to express themselves creatively. Produced and directed by Marcus Dunstan (known for his work on “American Horror Story: 1984” and the “Saw” film series), “Feeding Time” looks to be a nail-biting thriller.

The horrifying story kicks off with the three teenagers in masks robbing the trick-or-treaters of their candy. They have no idea that their actions will set off a terrifying chase through a creepy cemetery and down dark alleys. The teens are being pursued by the Free Angry Monster Tacos truck, which features a monster’s tentacles and plays a twisted version of the classic jack-in-the-box tune. Jack in the Box’s mascot makes an appearance, singing along to Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” and then escaping from the menacing truck. The thrilling adventure concludes when the truck finds the kids and gives them free tacos along with the candy they stole.

A Effort Unlike Any Other

The Halloween campaign from Jack in the Box is broader than just the scary short film. The brand has taken an innovative tack by distributing the campaign across multiple channels. Hulu’s Halloween-themed live-action spot will run for 30 seconds, while shorter food-focused spots, each lasting 15 seconds, will air on linear/sports TV, premium streaming platforms like Hulu and YouTube, Paramount, and Twitch. Jack in the Box’s YouTube channel and owned social media platforms will feature the horror short “Feeding Time,” further increasing the reach of the campaign.

Participating in Halloween Traditions

Jack in the Box, in contrast to many other brands that merely add Halloween-themed visuals and gags to their marketing, has fully embraced the spirit of the holiday. Creative director at TBWAChiatDay LA Jeff O’Keefe praised the company for catering to its customers’ intelligence and wants by incorporating their products into genuine cultural moments. Jack in the Box stands out thanks to this strategy, which allows customers to connect with the company on a more personal level.

Promoting a Happy Halloween

Jack in the Box is taking their campaign from the screen to the real world with a fun experiential activation. An angry monster truck will be driving around Los Angeles on October 21st as part of the campaign. People will be captivated by this monstrous truck, and it will remind them of the terrifying moments in the horror film. On the 24th of October, customers will be able to book the Angry Monster Truck through Jack in the Box’s partnership with Resy, an online reservation platform, for their own Halloween parties. Jack in the Box is dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind Halloween campaign, and this groundbreaking activation provides fans with an unforgettable experience.

Leveraging the App’s Full Potential

Jack in the Box has done a great job of promoting its app as part of the overall campaign. The brand wants people to use their app, so they hid a code in the scary short film. Tacos on the house for the first thousand app purchasers who are also Jack Pack members. This calculated move not only encourages app downloads, but also provides incentives to repeat customers, which gives the campaign an air of exclusivity and adds value for everyone involved.

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Q1: What is Jack in the Box’s Halloween campaign all about?

A1: Jack in the Box is celebrating Halloween with a thrilling multichannel campaign that includes a horror short film, “Feeding Time,” and the return of their Monster Tacos.

Q2: Tell me more about the horror short film, “Feeding Time.”

A2: “Feeding Time” is a nail-biting thriller directed by Marcus Dunstan. It features a spooky Halloween night encounter between trick-or-treaters and masked teenagers, followed by a terrifying chase and the appearance of Jack in the Box’s mascot.

Q3: How is Jack in the Box promoting its Halloween campaign?

A3: The campaign is distributed across multiple channels, including Hulu, YouTube, Paramount, Twitch, and more. They are also utilizing their app and offering a code for free tacos to the first thousand app purchasers who are Jack Pack members.

Q4: How is Jack in the Box embracing Halloween traditions?

A4: Unlike other brands, Jack in the Box fully embraces the spirit of Halloween by incorporating their products into genuine cultural moments, making a personal connection with their customers.

Q5: Are there any real-world activations as part of this campaign?

A5: Yes, Jack in the Box is bringing the campaign to life with an Angry Monster Truck driving around Los Angeles on October 21st. Customers can also book the truck for their Halloween parties on the 24th through Jack in the Box’s partnership with Resy.

Q6: What is the unique aspect of Jack in the Box’s Halloween campaign?

A6: Jack in the Box stands out by providing a one-of-a-kind Halloween campaign that combines entertainment, real-world experiences, and app incentives, creating an exclusive and valuable experience for customers.

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