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IWCO Brings “Making Better HappenSM” to Life with a Refreshed Brand and Proprietary System to Drive Strong Marketing Results

IWCO New Logo
IWCO New Logo

IWCO recently launched a refreshed brand identity, expanding on its history as a performance improvement organization and expert marketing partner that continually advances better ways to drive results for clients, partners, and employees. With the launch of its new brand, IWCO will transition its name from ‘IWCO Direct’ to ‘IWCO’. It also introduces a new brand platform, Making Better HappenSM.

“Since our beginning in 1969, we have relentlessly pursued improvement to stay ahead of the marketplace and serve as an expert marketing partner,” said IWCO CEO Gary Masse. “Today, our team of marketing experts is trained to provide world-class data, analytics, and creative capabilities that consistently lift response rates and return on marketing investment for our clients. With this new brand, we capture all the ways that IWCO is Making Better HappenSM, every day.”

IWCO’s refreshed brand captures its differentiated role in the marketplace and features a new logo, identity, and website, as well as an updated mission, vision, and set of values to align employees around the organization’s strategic future. Also, the new brand signals IWCO’s relentless pursuit of better results for clients. It was informed by industry research and input from clients, partners, and IWCO employees. The brand will be rolled out across IWCO’s locations, website, and social media channels throughout the first quarter of 2023.

Business Transformation Underway to Fuel Growth

Under Masse’s leadership, IWCO has undergone a significant business transformation in the last year. The recently announced brand relaunch is part of a refined go-to-market strategy. It is focused on fueling continued growth and industry leadership. With $50 million invested in enhancing digital technology and advancing manufacturing and safety practices, IWCO’s story is one of continual investment and transformation to adapt and thrive in a changing marketing environment. These investments, combined with IWCO’s proprietary BETTERImpact℠ System, focus on driving improvement in all facets of direct marketing performance, often result in marketing campaign partnerships that help put clients on a path toward performance improvement of 50% or higher on average.

“We’re the perfect partner for marketers who are serious about results,” adds Masse.” When it comes to driving customer acquisition, we bring unmatched industry expertise, leveraging data insights to hyper-personalize campaigns and bringing creative to life across successful multi-channel campaigns with printing and mailing at scale.”

Proprietary BETTERImpactSM System Drives Results

Marketers are looking for maximum results and customer connections from their budgets. The BETTERImpactSM System leverages a powerful combination of strategy, data, and predictive analytics. This is to create the foundation for improvement within clients’ marketing programs.

The key to the system’s success is that it starts with better insights. IWCO applies thousands of data attributes to customer and prospect data. This creates solutions that make marketing campaigns more responsive, drive higher conversion, and provide better overall value. Clients who work with IWCO benefit from this analysis. It leads to improved lead volume, lower cost per acquisition, and better customer lifetime value.

The BETTERImpactSM System drives better campaign results through:

  • Advanced analytics and scientific direct marketing test design to create targeting, segmentation, and testing solutions that make direct marketing campaigns more responsive.
  • A team of creative storytellers, designers, and technical experts who work closely with clients. They calibrate creative work for efficient production and maximum performance.
  • Direct mail execution from data to delivery with state-of-the-art digital inkjet presses and cutting-edge hybrid inline finishing to support intriguing, impactful direct mail formats.
  • A comprehensive set of marketing technology applications that enable marketers to create and manage complex personalized, targeted communications across channels.
  • Reporting and attribution to measure campaign performance and identify opportunities to improve campaign results.

IWCO works in a wide variety of industries, including insurance, healthcare, finance, and telecom. IWCO also puts each specific vertical audience under a microscope. It applies deep industry expertise to calibrate the right strategy, creative, and digital marketing. So, this creates hyper-personalized direct marketing campaigns that uncover opportunities to attract new customers and create new revenue streams.

BETTERViewSM Assessment Helps Marketers Refine Programs for Better Results

A great way for clients to learn more about working with IWCO is through the BETTERViewSM Assessment. The assessment leverages a full suite of data, creative, analytics, production, and marketing experts. This analyzes all aspects of a marketing program to help clients pinpoint changes that can lead to big results. Likewise, this process helps IWCO create responsive, data-driven marketing campaigns that break through the noise using targeted messaging that sticks.

To learn about direct marketing trends, industry news, postal regulations, and more subscribe to IWCO’s BETTERInsightsSM blog and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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