IT Publication Looks to Profile Readers

An Internet technology trade publication is expected to debut this week that instead of building a database of readers, wants to enhance an existing database of professionals.

Solution Publishing — a spinoff of NuOS Corp., a database firm specializing in lists of Internet technology professionals — created the publication. Both firms are located in Los Angeles.

“Most publications rent a bunch of prospecting lists from similar publications when they launch,” said Byron Crowell, CEO of Solution Publishing and founder of NuOS. “Our advantage is that we already have a targeted list to work with.”

NuOS compiles its database by conducting telephone surveys about the job function, interests and decision-making power of respondents within the information technology field.

IT Solution Journal will mail Feb. 8 to 25,000 IT professionals from the NuOS database of more than 250,000 IT decision makers.

The magazine will consist of firsthand accounts of IT problems and solutions written by professionals in the field as well as bylined articles and interviews.

It is through the featured case studies that Crowell expects to enhance the NuOS database and make it more valuable to its users.

Each case study will include a link to the IT Solution Journal Web site at that will bring readers to an “Ask the Experts” section of the site hosted by the author of the particular case study. To access this section of the Web site, readers will have to enter a unique identification code from the front cover of the publication. That way, NuOS will be able to build profiles of the readers who log on for more information.

Crowell was quick to point out that it is all on the up-and-up from a privacy standpoint and that users' movements would not be tracked anywhere but within the site.

“It's just a way to further target offers to people on the database,” he said.

If someone always reads the online content on a specific topic and not another, that is valuable information, Crowell added.

Of course the magazine will also have advertising. Advertisers in the first issue include Razorfish, Parasoft and

IT Solution Journal will publish bimonthly through the summer and then begin a monthly publishing schedule, according to Crowell.

Circulation is expected to reach 75,000 by the time the publication goes monthly, he added.

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