IRS Gets Y2K Upgrade For Its Call Centers

When taxpayers call in to the IRS's toll-free customer service number in the year 2000, the IRS will not only be ready to the handle any 00 entry, but it will make calling easier. Now that the IRS has inked a deal with Microlog Corporation to become Y2K Compliant, with an upgrade to their Intela systems worth over $2.7 million, the IRS is on schedule to handle any year and any call.

Since 1994, the IRS has used Microlog's Intela communications platform to assist in the daily handling of thousands of calls concerning tax inquiries. With the Aspect call center ACD, data and voice are simultaneously transferred to the agent for resolution. Microlog's voice response units accommodate the GeoTel Intelligent Call Router which systematically transfers calls to an agent with specific skills or knowledge, allowing the IRS to better manage and balance their nationwide call center traffic for the 1999 filing season.

This upgrade will take advantage of Intela System Release 6 Y2K compliance under the Aspect ACD replacement contract. Many of the IRS's existing VRUs will be upgraded to Intela as well.

Microlog, a provider of interactive communications systems and application solutions based in Germantown, MD, will also assist the IRS with the migration of their applications to SR6 which will position the IRS for additional capabilities and port expansion.

“These latest orders illustrates the IRS' commitment to improved service to the taxpayer,” said Richard Thompson, president and chief executive officer, Microlog.

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