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Iowa AG Demands Walter Karl Response to Probe

The Iowa attorney general’s office said last week that it asked a state court to force list broker Walter Karl to provide information in an investigation of sweepstakes fraud allegations.

According to court documents, Walter Karl refused to provide the Iowa attorney general’s office with answers to all of the questions posed to the company in a May 2004 investigative demand. Walter Karl, Pearl River, NY, is a division of Donnelley Marketing, part of infoUSA, Omaha, NE.

The Iowa attorney general’s office published a copy of the court documents on its Web site. According to the documents, the attorney general’s office seeks to investigate whether Walter Karl might have violated the state’s consumer protection laws.

A Walter Karl executive said he had not seen the documents and would confer with legal counsel. According to the documents, attorneys for Walter Karl stated that the Iowa attorney general’s office lacked the authority to compel the company to answer the investigative demand.

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