Integrated Campaigns – Silver


This time it’s personal / Consumer campaign

Agency: Clemenger BBDO/Clemenger Proximity
Client: St. Vincent De Paul Society

Social services groups struggle with how to tell the stories of the people they help, while making them seem real enough so others will donate. Putting dis­posable cameras into the hands of those actually living in poverty so they could document what it’s like for others was simple genius. This Australian nonprofit used the images from the cameras in a TV campaign and online exhibition that launched at the onset of winter, when the need for clothing, housing and other services increases. Elements of the effort included radio, outdoor and print ads, while direct mail and online drove the fundraising portion. The goal of rais­ing $3 million was exceeded by 25%.

Creative Director
Richard Maddocks

Associate Creative Director
Guy Rooke

Art Director
Chris McMullen
Darren Martin
Brett Bimson

Will Edwards
Neil Harris

Welcome Snoop / Consumer campaign

Agency: Lowe Sydney
Client: MTVNetworks Australia

Crocodile Dundee, he ain’t. This image gap was exactly the point of an MTV campaign built around notorious rapper Snoop Dogg’s efforts to gain Australian citizenship. Looking to strengthen its relationship with the Australian market, MTV and agency Lowe and Rivet created a petitionasking the government to grant Snoop Dogg citi­zenship so he could perform at the MTV Australia Awards, and the agency backed that up with a multimedia campaign. The effort also included an 11-minute documentary that was broadcast on TV and online. Throughout, MTV mined for comedic effect the reality that there’s inherent futility in trying to make a character like Snoop Dogg more “Australian.” Using a combination of intrigue, comedy and notoriety, MTV was able to blend the brand with an Australian accent while involving its target audience in its efforts.

Creative Director/Copywriter/Art Director
Dejan Rasic

Copywriter/Art Director
Rebecca Carrasco
Howard Collinge

Production Manager
Charna Rifai,Darren Bailey

Head of Production
Lisa Brown

My greatest feat / Consumer campaign

Agency: Rapp New Zealand
Client: McDonald’s

Facing concerns about childhood obesity in New Zealand, McDonald’s image took a hit when theNew Zealand police withdrew its support for the 20-year-old McDonald’s Schools Road Safety pro­gram. Rapp had McDonald’s re-engage schools by leveraging its Olympics sponsorship with a two-week school program in which students counted their steps using free pedometers and took virtual marathons along the length of the nation. The effort was a success— more than 94,000 children joined in and took over 3 billion steps. The brand’s consumer trust scores went way up.

Executive Creative Director/Art Director
Wayne Pick

Head of Copy
Kim Pick

Production Manager
Marcel de Ruiter

Cliff Li

Men can also do it / Consumer campaign

Agency: Shackleton
Client: Persan — Puntomatic

Housewives in Spain had reason to rejoice when Puntomatic, a tablet-form laundry detergent, launched its integrated campaign. Instead of demonstrating how the product could remove stains from clothing, agency Shackleton showed consumers that they could remove a social “stain” — the fact that men do five times fewer house­hold chores than women, including laundry. The campaign included an online “Dirty List” in which women could report men who don’t do laundry, while those men could then take a test to get on a “Clean List.” A personalized direct mail piece was also sent to hundreds of male celebrities and opinion leaders saying, for exam­ple, “President Zapatero, You Can Also Do It.” Buses also zipped around Spain offering men a crash course in doing laundry. Three weeks after the launch of the campaign, Puntomatic’s sales had increased 20.7%.

General Creative Director
Juan Nonzioli

Executive Creative Director
Alfonso Marian
Enric Nel-lo

Creative Director
Nacho Guillo
Victor Aguilar
Antonio Herrero
Iñaki Marti

Art Director
Maria Salomon
Marta Pueyo

Creative Supervisor
Borja de la Rocha

Interactive Art Director
Jorge Tabanera

Innovation fold / Consumer campaign

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: Vodafone

Mobile phones do pretty much anything you need. That’s the basis of this innovative campaign from AIM Proximity for Vodafone New Zealand. The multimedia effort used TV spots and print ads to show consumers the things they could “fold” into their Vodafone device, including maps, music, television and the Web. The ads, along with a mobile marketing element, drove consumers to a microsite that further explained all the bells and whistles that Vodafone mobile devices offer. The goal was to drive home the point that the agency was on the cutting edge by targeting teenagers who love the latest gadgets, hip 20-somethings on the go and executives who need information at their fingertips with the message that you can have some outdated items — such as paper maps and landline telephones — all in one Vodafone device.

Creative Director
Dave King

Senior Digital Designer
Jason Vertongen

Head of Interactive Art
Aaron Goldring

Mike Kelly

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