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Insert Briefs: Direct Media Relaunches Spiegel Inserts

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, announced the relaunch of the Spiegel catalog package insert program through its management division.

The Spiegel program offers 880,000 annual packages and costs $60/M. It reaches Spiegel buyers who are 84 percent female with an average age of 48, average income of $57,000 and an average unit of sale of $150.

PlusMedia Offers Yves Rocher

PlusMedia, Danbury, CT, was awarded management duties for three insert media programs from beauty product marketer Yves Rocher.

The Yves Rocher package insert program offers 1.3 million packages annually. The Yves Rocher billing statement program has an annual distribution of 460,000 statements. The Yves Rocher Canadian package insert program offers 480,000 packages yearly in English and 600,000 yearly in French.

All Yves Rocher insert programs are available on an exchange-only basis. Yves Rocher buyers are 90 percent female with an average age of 45, average household income of $35,000 and average unit of sale of $38.

Leon Henry Debuts AXL Blow-ins

Leon Henry Inc., Hartsdale, NY, was named manager of the new-to-market AXL magazine blow-in program, which consists of 2 million annual insertions and costs $35/M. AXL is a fitness publication covering bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Subscribers are 55 percent male with an age range of 18-35, and the average unit of sale is $32.

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