InfoUSA selects NextMark list research and order entry system

NextMark Inc., a provider of mailing list technology, announced infoUSA has chosen NextMark’s mailing list research and order entry systems for its recently acquired list management and brokerage companies Edith Roman, Walter Karl, MokrynskiDirect, Millard Group and Rubin Response.

This decision was big for InfoUSA. The company performed an extensive analysis with a large, multidisciplinary team using representatives from all companies. They considered all alternatives, commercial and “home-grown,” said Joseph Pych, President of NextMark, Hanover, NH.

After a careful evaluation of InfoUSA’s requirements regarding functionality, scalability, reliability, performance, security, accountability, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, accessibility, flexibility and total cost of ownership, the company selected NextMark.

“It was a long haul for us,” Mr. Pych said. “We don’t usually have to work so hard to get a client. But they had unique concerns, such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. They hit us from every angle: IT, sales, accounting, administration [and] management. They visited our data center, our office and conducted numerous interviews.”

The use of NextMark’s list research and order entry systems will enable better cross-selling and improved operational efficiencies across InfoUSA’s business units.

The agreement between the parties is effective immediately. In fact, MokrynskiDirect has already implemented the NextMark solution.

Edith Roman, Walter Karl, Millard Group, and Rubin Response will move to NextMark in the upcoming months.

“There is still a lot of work yet to be done,” Mr. Pych said. ” Each of the companies had a system that had some nice features that they don’t want to lose. So, we are incorporating those into ours for a “best of the best” solution.”

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