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InfoUSA Plans Low-Cost Database for List Brokers, Resellers

InfoUSA will launch DatabaseAmerica.com, a site providing list brokers and resellers access to low-cost consumer and business databases, effective Jan. 1, the company said yesterday.

The site at www.databaseamerica.com will offer pared versions of infoUSA's business, consumer and new mover databases with fewer selections, less depth of data and less-frequent updates. But it also will be less costly, with substantial volume discounts available for users buying $50,000 per year worth of data or more.

Earlier this year infoUSA discontinued the wholesale pricing structure for its databases.

“We had a lot of people who were very upset that we took those low prices away,” said Vin Gupta, chairman/CEO of infoUSA, Omaha, NE. “My response was that the quality and service was worth more than what they were paying, but we also realized that there was a market that doesn't need a lot of service and handholding and they are willing to go online and buy these names.”

The new service will be available online only and will not offer offline sales or support.

For more information, contact Joe Lemoine, president, list reseller division at infoUSA, at 402/593-4582 or [email protected].

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