InfoGroup creates new insert division from Millard, Direct Media

InfoGroup has combined the insert media arms of its Millard Group and Direct Media to form a new insert media service called AM/Direct.

AM/Direct will offer insert media, webserts, free-standing inserts, mobile marketing, strategic marketing and other services to clients of both Millard and Direct. Both companies currently serve direct marketers in the catalog, merchandising and publishing industries, so the combination of the two is expected to create cross-sell and growth opportunities.

“We felt that combing two groups that do very similar things would be a really good business decision,” said Ed Mallin, president of InfoGroup Services Group. “It makes sense to leverage both of them and create one brand that really focuses in the alternate media arena, which is specialized and has its own business community.

“We think we have the best talent in the country,” he added, “and bringing that together for cross-selling and leveraging talent and skills would maximize revenue. In this economy anything you can do to enhance revenue potential and deliver better to customers is the way to grow.”

The new group will combine the staffs and resources of both Millard and Direct under the leadership of AM/Direct SVP Jim Lynch. No layoffs are planned, and neither team will move offices. There are no immediate plans to combine other aspects of Millard and Direct Media.

Mallin said that clients, who were informed earlier of the plans to combine Millard and Direct, are reacting very positively.

“It’s strictly added value because we’re combining more resources and talent,” he said. “And there is lots of cross-selling between these programs, so that will enhance the list management revenue for our clients and allow us to be more effective with other sales efforts.”

Mallin noted that both divisions combined manage more than 100 of the leading brands in the industry.

InfoGroup has reported growth in its alternate media divisions, in spite of the toll the economy is taking on other business units. Mallin credits this success with the company’s increased focus on alternate media this year.

InfoGroup acquired Millard Group in late 2005 and Direct Media in January 2008. Both companies operate in the InfoGroup Services Group, along with Walter Karl, Edith Roman, Triplex and Yesmail.

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