Infographic: Why Gamble With Customers’ Loyalty?

Satisfying your customers’ needs shouldn’t be a game of chance. If marketers want to win their customers’ loyalty, they have to go all in and deliver seamless customer experiences.

According to the “Accenture Seamless Retail Study,” 49% of consumers surveyed say that integrating store, online, and mobile shopping experiences are the areas that retailers need the most improvement. To deliver a seamless experience, it’s critical for marketers to know where their consumers like to shop—and this answer may change across the globe. For example, while 70% of consumers in Asia Pacific enjoy shopping for clothes online, only 52% of consumers in North America share the same sentiment. Likewise, while 24% of consumers in Asia Pacific like to shop for clothing via their mobile device, only 11% of consumers in North America take pleasure in the same experience.

Brands that really want to hit the loyalty jackpot also have to determine what prompts their customers to purchase. Price appears to be the number one influencer, as 72% of consumers say best price sways their purchasing decision when shopping online or via mobile, according to the study. Shipping costs and quick-and-easy payments are the next biggest factors, according to 59% and 41% of consumers, respectively.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that consumers’ expectations may differ based on the channel, as well. For example, 81% of consumers presume product assortment is the same or less in-store than online. Likewise, while 91% of shoppers find the experience of shopping in a physical store to be “easy or very easy,” only 32% of consumers shopping via mobile feel the same way.


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