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Infographic: What are the most social devices and platforms?

New data from publishing platform ShareThis shows sharing behavior across devices and social media platforms. Here are some of the key findings in its report:

The mobile web is twice as social as desktop: We know its all about mobile, but some publishing platforms have been slow to make the mobile versions of their sites as good as the desktop. Big mistake, as the data shows, people are now almost twice as likely to share articles or other notable web items on their phones rather than the desktop. It’s quick and easy, the advantage of portability.

The iPhone is the most social device: Users are three times more likely to share content via their iPhone versus the desktop and one and a half times more likely to share on an iPhone versus all other mobile devices. Does it come down to the personality of iPhone users versus other mobile devices? Are they just inherently more likely to be trend sharers? Something important to take to the bargaining table for content creators.

Sharing activity on mobile is dominated by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: The growth of Facebook users might be dwindling, but it’s still the most powerful way to share content.  Even if they were late to mobile, a shared post from Facebook still shows up with the biggest and most intuitive display in your feed. Facebook accounts for 60 percent of sharing on mobile and Pinterest is nearly three times more represented on mobile than on desktop. 

Facebook is the number one social channel on iPhones, but Pinterest is the number one social channel on iPads: For such a highly visual platform, it makes sense that Pinterest dominates sharing on the tablet. In fact the platform seems tailor made for the device, with its huge, colorful panels and intuitive dragging and pinning motions. Facebook gets 66.4 percent of the total sharing time on iPhones while Pinterest gets almost 50% of all the sharing activity on iPads.

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