Infographic: Tech and Telecom Dominate Ad Spending

A new infographic from AdvertisingAge shows the top 25 advertisers in the country, ranked by the amounts spent on measured media. As expected, it’s all about tablets and telephones.

Along with its list of Top 200 U.S. advertisers, AdvertisingAge put out an accompanying infographic to highlight the top 25 biggest ad spenders in the country in 2012 (using data from Kantar Media.) 

The list highlights the particularly fierce competition in the telecom and tech fields, with massive ad budgets becoming the norm amongst battling cell phone makers and service providers. AT&T and Verizon easily occupy the top two spots, being the only brands to spend over $1 billion in measured media ads ($1.59 and $1.43 billion respectively.)  T-Mobile holds a respectable top ten ranking at number eight with $773 million.

In the tech sector, Apple easily outspent the competition as it stepped up efforts to claw back market share from Samsung, Google and Amazon. It ranked number 12 on the list by spending $662 million on ads, ahead of the number 15 ranked Samsung ($597 million) and Microsoft at number 21 ($493 million.) While Apple may have taken a beating in the cell phone market, it’s still dominating the tablet sector, despite increased spending from Google and Amazon.

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