Infographic: Return Your Customers’ Love

Consumers yearn for a connection. And when it comes to mobile brand communications, consumers have their heart set on SMS messages. According to Responsys’ “Mobile Marketing Engagement Study,” 76% of U.S. consumers subscribe to text messages to receive marketing communications from a brand. And while the love isn’t as strong, 45% of consumers say that they sign up for in-app inbox messages and 21% say that they subscribe to push notifications.

But some marketers don’t return the love. Among those who subscribed to mobile messages, 74% of consumers have received marketing messages via SMS, less than half of respondents (49%) have received brand communications via in-app inbox messages. Likewise, less than one third of consumers who opted in to  receive in-app push notifications have received them. Furthermore, 35% of consumers say that the mobile marketing messages they do receive from brands are irrelevant, according to the study.

Most consumers enter a brand relationship with good (i.e. purchase) intentions. According to the study, 59% of consumers say that they opt in to mobile communications to receive special offers or promotions. Similarly, half of respondents opt in to learn about sales, and 38% opt in to receive timely reminders or alerts. Consumers also typically opt in after hearing that the brand they’ve been eyeing is quite a catch. For instance, 51% of respondents say that suggestions from family members or friends generate an opt-in. Likewise, 46% of respondents say an email prompt can elicit an opt-in. And once consumers start engaging with a brand, they tend to fully commit: 50% of consumers surveyed say that they’ve made a purchase as a result of an SMS message, and 39% of respondents say that in-app inbox messages have spurred a purchase.

And although 68% of consumers who downloaded apps enable push notifications, those who prohibit the notifications have their fair share of trust issues. For example, 59% of consumers who block push notifications say that they don’t want to receive a bombardment of alerts. Furthermore, 35% say they don’t allow the app to have access to their phone settings.

So court your customers, hold their hands, and show them how enchanting a mobile brand relationship can be.


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