Infographic: How profitable is Twitter compared to other social media companies?

The big reveal from Twitter’s S-1 filing prior to its heavily anticipated IPO was that the company has yet to make money. However, its revenues are growing and as you can see through our ongoing coverage, Twitter is taking plenty of steps to create even more revenue streams through advertising.

This infographic, by Lisa Mahapatra for the International Business Times shows just how well Twitter is doing compared to other prominent social media/tech companies that have gone public. These figures, reporting financial data from 2012, make Twitter’s losses look even more stark, especially when you realize the only company who’s doing worse is gaming giant Zynga. Even the largely written off Groupon is making more revenues and reporting less losses per employee.

It’s also telling to see Twitter’s competitor Facebook far ahead when it comes to revenues, even making a small profit after being slammed the whole of last year for its disastrous IPO. With all the buzz Twitter has been generating recently with its partnerships and acquisitions, it’s easy to overlook the money making prowess of Facebook, which has now successfully caught up on mobile as well.

by lisamahapatra.
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