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Inbox Insider: Unemployed spam?

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a person looking for a job. I
didn’t open this unsolicited e-mail from this unknown person regarding
a subject that I’m not currently dealing with, i.e. Human Resources.
Assuming that the e-mail was spam, I only read it in my reader without
opening it up and found that it was from some alleged person looking
for a job in an unspecified area. Again, pretty fishy, but not

As the economy is down these days and layoffs are ample across industries, I know that a lot of people are out there looking for work and may very well be soliciting companies that they are interested in working for, rather than just responding to job ads.

This is a classic example of a spammer taking advantage of the mood of the day and sending something that you might not consider spam. I mean we’d all love to help boost the economy and get those people who are being laid off a job. But take heed. Don’t download the resume, as the attachment could very well contain a botnet, which could infect your computer. I look forward to the spam reports for November.

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