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IMarket Inc. Debuts Online Database Service

IMarket Inc., a vendor of business-to-business sales and marketing data and analysis programs, today is expected to introduce Quick Data Services, a Web-based database services tool.

According to iMarket, Quick Data Services provides sales and marketing professionals with the ability to enhance their inhouse database files with key firmographic data, obtain critical analysis on their customer base and get highly targeted leads in less than 24 hours.

“All marketers need to find new customers, profile existing customers and identify new market opportunities. Not all marketers have the time or the resources to achieve those objectives,” said Will Reynolds, president and CEO of iMarket Inc., Waltham, MA. “IMarket's Quick Data Services team arms marketers with the data and analysis they need to accomplish their objectives quickly, simply and affordably.”

To use the services, marketers need to visit www.zapdata.com, iMarket's Internet service. There, they can determine which service best meets their needs and submit their request online for immediate processing. The Quick Data Services team is available to answer questions and handle custom requests as well.

These services are available through Quick Data Services:

· Merge/purge and data cleansing. Marketers can eliminate duplicate prospect records from lead; standardize business names and addresses; verify and update ZIP codes and area codes; and merge disparate files into one complete database.

· File enhancement. Marketers can enhance BTB customer or prospect databases with business data. They can also customize messages that will help sales reps tailor their conversations for greater sales success.

·Customer or prospect analysis. Marketers can analyze customer and prospect databases to help understand which customers generate the most revenue. Penetration rates are determined by geography, location, industry, employee size and annual sales. This analysis identifies other prospects in the database that share the characteristics of the best and most profitable customers

· List services. Marketers can build targeted prospecting lists based on iMarket's BTB database, integrating data from many vertical data providers and offering 35 million contact names.

Pricing varies depending upon the service used, the data elements selected and the number of files handled. In addition, there is a $300 setup fee and a $20-per-thousand processing fee. The cost for list services begins at $500.

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