iMarket, Goldmine Form Marketing Alliance

iMarket Inc., Waltham, MA, has entered into a strategic alliance with Goldmine Software Corp., Pacific Palisades, CA, to conduct cooperative marketing campaigns.

iMarket provides information-driven marketing tools, such as a CD-ROM version of the Dun & Bradstreet business database.

The companies' first venture will offer a free trial version of iMarket's D&B Marketplace 4.0 in shipments of the workgroup contact manager software Goldmine 4.0. The trial will allow access to a list of 500 full demographic leads and to a guide on building and exporting the list to Goldmine 4.0.

“iMarket's products allow users to perform critical profiling, prioritizing and prospecting from the desktop, while Goldmine 4.0 enables users to organize that information and manage and leverage customer relationships,'' said Doug Borchard, iMarket president.

iMarket offers two applications that can benefit direct marketers. D&B Marketplace allows users to search, manipulate and build lists at their desktops using the Dun & Bradstreet database. MarketMatch then applies the database to a house file to create customer and prospect profiles. iMarket has bundled the applications as Marketplace Pro since December.

Under the arrangement, Marketplace will provide data to populate Goldmine software. The database will be exported to let salespeople manage that information on Goldmine. The sales force can analyze and profile its customer data with MarketMatch and create a storehouse of leads in Goldmine.

“MarketMatch helps them better understand the data they collect,'' said Jim Reynolds, iMarket vice president of sales. “The win for us is to gain access to the Goldmine resellers. They have become an additional channel of distribution.''

Cross-promotional alliance activities will include bundled product sales, customer mailings and Web links.

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