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IDG Presents ITworld.com Databases

IDG Communications List Services, Framingham, MA, will manage the 108,000-name ITworld.com Newsletter Postal Database of electronic newsletter subscribers, and ITworld.com Members Postal Database of 208,000 registered users.

ITworld.com provides information technology professionals with a variety of IT services and newsletters on topics including e-commerce, Novell Netware and Perl.

The base cost for each list is $200 per thousand with a 5,000-name minimum. Geographic and newsletter selects are an additional $10/M.

Lighthouse List Acquires Boat Owner Database

Lighthouse List Co., Fort Lauderdale, FL, has been chosen to co-manage the 8 million-name Boat Owner Registration Database with InfoLink.

InfoLink will continue to serve the boat manufacturers and marina industries, and Lighthouse will handle all other users of the file.

Selects on the file include boat size, boat owners, yacht owners and personal watercraft owners.

The file is updated monthly, and the base price is $100 per thousand.

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