Hub Poll Results: There’s still plenty of people not willing to upgrade to iOS 7

In our most recent poll, we asked readers  Have you upgraded to iOS 7 on your iPhone?”

Here are the results: 

Not surprisingly, over half said they had upgraded their iPhones and iOS  7 was the greatest thing ever. It’s true, with its streamlined, attractive features, the new operating system is getting rave reviews, most notably from Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. Mossberg cited the upgrade’s flatter icons, lighter fonts and more intuitive functionality in his appreciation for iOS 7.

Yet, despite all the great reviews, some people are still reluctant to switch. Almost a third said they were going to avoid it as long as they could. Luddites or lazy? Who knows. Either way, software upgrades usually get pushed through whether you like them or not. Pretty sure anyone who hasn’t upgraded by now is going to wake up one morning to see their phone magically displaying iOS 7 and an indignant Siri displaying a “resistance is futile” message.

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