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Hub Poll results: Politicians are going to be big on Instagram

Here are the results from our poll last week where we asked you: 

Will politicians become the next big users of Instagram?

– Yes! It’s already so popular
with actors and musicians, politicians are the next celebrities in line. 33%  

– Not necessarily, politicians
will be a lot more cautious about posting pictures of themselves. 23%  

– Even if they do, I really
don’t want to see them there. 33%  

– This whole social media
picture posting thing has got to stop. 11%

People were fairly evenly divided in this poll, with a third of them accepting the inevitability of Instagram becoming yet another promotional tool in the hands of master promoters like politicians, which of course also had people lamenting the fact that they would even be there in the first place. There was also another subset of people who didn’t think politicians had yet reached that level of self-promoting over exposure so prevalent amongst the young and hip Instagram demographic.

A year ago, it would have been difficult to imagine serious politicians maintaining an account on a platform mostly populated with sepia-toned pictures of people playing in parks or posing with their toes on a beach (#summer!) but here we are a year later and Instagram is a major player in the marketing space.

Our prediction: By the time the next election happens, all the candidates will have an Instagram account. But by then, it’s almost certain that the cool kids will have moved on to yet another social platform.


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