Hub Poll Results: No one cares about Yahoo’s logo change

In our last poll we asked “Should Yahoo be changing its logo?”  in response to the company’s announcement about its new logo.

Here are the results: 

– Yes!
It’s a brand new company under Marissa Mayer, it needs a fresh start 27.78%  

– No!
The old logo is a classic and doesn’t need to be tampered with 0%  

– Who
cares about a logo change, what is its business strategy? 72.22%  

An overwhelming majority couldn’t care less about a logo change, especially given the troubles Yahoo is facing in defining a new strategy, or even defining what kind of company it is. Wall Street may love Marissa Mayer and her leadership, but soon, the cash reserves will run out and Yahoo is going to have to justify all those acquisitions with a very cohesive, strategic outlook.

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