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Hub Poll Results: Everybody still loves Apple (even after price fixing)

Here are the results from the most recent Hub Poll where we asked:

“Now that Apple’s been found guilty of price fixing, will that change your view of the brand?” 

15.38% responded “Yes! It’s an evil, overpriced company and they deserve punishment, I’m
not going to buy their products”

30.77% said “No! It makes amazing,
beautiful products that delight users, I’m always going to buy them.”


53.85% said “Not a big deal, big
companies do this stuff all the time, so I don’t care either way.”  

Looks like people have resigned themselves to the fact that big companies are always going to try and make the most money of its customers using any means possible, and its the government’s duty to catch them. And hey, as long as we’re getting shiny new iPhones, who cares right?

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