HSBC taps SAP to link to corporate clients

In an effort to provide a better customer experience, the HSBC Group has tapped the SAP NetWeaver platform to streamline and automate communications between the bank and its corporate clients.

With the new system, HSBC’s corporate clients will be able to link to the bank’s worldwide network through a single entry point for easier access to their banking information. The platform will also enable HSBC to standardize processes between corporations and the bank, manage business information and unify and standardize its data.

“SAP is making it easier for large corporations to connect their computers to HSBC’s computers, and by doing that in a smoother way, it makes it easier for us to send the information out to their accounts,” explained Marcus Treacher, head of e-commerce, global transaction banking, HSBC. “We always have the customer in mind, and it’s about building long-term relationships, keeping that tradition of service and letting that [CRM] really come out.”

Many of HSBC’s corporate clients already use SAP, Treacher noted. This fact led HSBC to consider SAP as a partner as it developed its direct connection strategy. Meetings about the offering started last April, and it will be ready for widespread release in 43 countries by early next year.

HSBC’s new SAP platform is expected to help corporate clients work more in real-time. Treacher said the company would also be able to exchange richer and more relevant information with customers using the more direct communication platform.

“If customers can connect easily to all the good things we do, and we’re making it easy for people to do business with us, that’s really about customer delight and satisfaction,” Treacher said. “As a result of this work, customers should find it quicker and easier to work directly with HSBC.”

The bank will measure the success of the new offering by the volume of customers using it, the number of new customers the bank attracts and feedback from customers about the value it provides.

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