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HP Expands Sitel Deal in Europe

Hewlett-Packard granted teleservices provider Sitel an expanded three-year contract to provide automated self-help and customer support for HP customers in Europe Friday.

Sitel will provide support for HP products in 14 European nations. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Sitel has provided teleservices for HP customers since 1998. In 2001, the company implemented a strategy to reduce support costs for HP's DeskJet printer models in Europe by driving customers to self-help and retail service channels.

In the expanded contract, Sitel will apply this strategy across HP's entire line of imaging and printing and PC products.

The teleservices firm will provide helpdesk support for HP customers in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Also, Sitel will support HP “priority” customers in these and the nine other European countries under the contract from a contact center in Brussels, Belgium.

Sitel will dedicate about 625 workstations to the program. Customer service representatives will support HP customer in 11 languages, Sitel said.

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