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How to Use Templates for Instagram Reels: Step-by-Step

How to Use Templates for Instagram Reels: Step-by-Step

Creating engaging Instagram Reel videos can be time-consuming and require some technical know-how. But with the right strategy, specific tools, and a few design templates. You can quickly create top-quality content for your followers to enjoy. This blog post will teach you how to use video templates to spruce up your Instagram Reels easily. We’ll cover everything from finding the perfect template, customizing it, adding effects or music, and publishing in no time! So let’s get started on our journey of creating exciting Instagram Reels using templates – step by step.

What Is Instagram Reel Template?

An Instagram reel template is a professionally designed video or animation that can be easily customized to fit your brand and style. It’s an incredibly useful way to save time because all you have to do is tweak the provided design elements instead of coming up with an entire reel from scratch. It also helps you get creative, adds unique effects, and creates the perfect content for your followers.

How to Use Templates for Instagram Reels: Step-by-Step

It’s easy to get started with Instagram Reel templates, and these steps will help you create stunning content in no time.

1. Choose a Template:

The first step is to select an appropriate template that fits your brand’s aesthetic. There are two ways to do this: you can visit the reels tab and click on the camera icon. This will open up a selection of templates for you to choose from. Alternatively, find an Instagram reel with a “Use template” button while scrolling your feed.

2. Add Clips To The Template:

Once you have chosen the template, add your clips and make sure they fit in the provided frames. You can also use the trim tool to adjust their length and get the perfect timing for each clip. Tap on the Add Media or Placeholders option on the template to add your clips.

3. Customize Your Template:

Once you have added all the clips, it’s time to customize the template. You can choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and other elements to create the perfect look for your Instagram reel. You can also use the drawing tool to doodle something creative or add a logo.

4. Publish:

Finally, you are ready to publish the reel. Make sure to check for any last-minute touches, then click on the Publish button and share it with your followers. You can also save the template so that you can use it again later!

You now know how to use Instagram reel templates and quickly create stunning content for your followers to enjoy. With the right template, you can make sure that your reels are always fresh, engaging, and top-notch.

5 Tips For Making Better Reels:

Making great reels doesn’t have to be complicated. Make it memorable by using trendy music or templates. Popular music captures people’s attention, instantly giving your reel a fresh feel. Whether you’re looking for that classic club sound or the hottest new beat, you can find something that matches your aesthetic. Pre-made reel templates also provide an easy way to make professional videos with just a few clicks. Impress your viewers and stand out from the competition by upping the production quality of your  Instagram reels today!

2) Test out different effects:

You can create a unique look for your reels by playing around with visual effects. Experiment with animations, transitions, and color filters to give your content a professional feel. You can also use creative features like timelapse and slow-motion if you want to bring more attention to an important moment in the reel.

3) Repurpose existing content:

You don’t have to come up with entirely new content for every reel. Repurpose existing content from your other social media channels, blog posts, or even recent articles. This will help you create a consistent brand image across all of your platforms and get more engagement on each post.

4) Schedule your Reels in advance:

To make sure your Instagram reels don’t get lost in the mix, plan ahead and create a content calendar. You can set aside time to brainstorm ideas for new reels, jot down notes about what you want to include, then schedule when you want it to go live. This will help you stay organized and achieve better results for each reel.

5) Optimize your Reel’s hashtags:

Hashtags are an essential part of your Instagram reel’s success, so make sure to research the most relevant ones and include them in your post. Try using branded hashtags, as well as trending topics or locations. This will help you reach new audiences and maximize your reach across different platforms.


To conclude, an Instagram reel template is a great way to create stunning videos for your followers. It’s user-friendly, helps you save time and effort, and lets you get creative with visuals. Using the tips in this article, you can ensure that each of your reels is top-notch and engaging. So what are you waiting for? Start creating amazing reels today!

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