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Hootsuite-Offerpop integration enables multi-channel social media campaign management

As competition in the social media marketing space heats up, platforms are partnering up in an effort to create exponential value for marketers.

Social content curator Offerpop recently announced that it will integrate with social media management platform Hootsuite to enable campaigns, customer engagement and monitoring through a single interface.

“The modern marketer is busier than ever, running multiple campaigns across a variety of digital properties to connect with today’s social and mobile consumers,” says Wendell Lansford, CEO of Offerpop. “Offerpop’s integration with Hootsuite simplifies social marketing with a complete command center that provides actionable insights to drive measurable return.”

Marketers can use Offerpop to collect content from their social media campaigns and use it to promote the brand, either through a standalone micro-site or embedded within their main website. By integrating with Hootsuite, marketers not only publish to their owned social media channels, they can view and moderate responses all within the same interface.

For example, a brand can run a social media campaign, such as a promoted hashtag, poll or contest through Hootsuite’s multi-channel publishing. It’s social media team can then view the responses across all those channels and select the best content responses to use as promotional material.

Here’s what the new unified interface will look like:

The newly integrated Offerpop-Hootsuite app can be downloaded through the Hootsuite App Directory.

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