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Hootsuite Launches Mobile Solution to Generate Leads on Social

It’s no surprise that social is where a majority of consumers make decisions. In fact, according to a Forrester Consulter study “virtually all respondents see value in social selling, and 20% of marketers and sellers indicated that sales teams typically execute all social selling activities -from developing their profiles to tracking leads.”

In response to this growing demand, Hootsuite, a social media management platform, officially launched “Amplify for Selling,” a mobile-first solution designed to aid sales teams with lead generation and consumer engagement on social media.

Amplify for Selling complements the functionality of Hootsuite’s employee advocacy offering, Amplify, by delivering a platform that can curate content for a variety of networks.

“Amplify for Selling provides a mobile first platform that allows curated content to be shared among numerous social networks, as well as providing buyer signals, based on the contacts already in salespeople’s CRM database, leading to alerts being received when trigger events happen,” says Koka Sexton, industry principal at Hootsuite.

Sales teams are under constant pressure to turn a profit and meet quotas. Understanding this, Hootsuite’s new solution, Sexton says, aims to remove some of the communication clutter to create a smoother sales pipeline.

“Through targeted social listening, sales people will have a new sales toolkit designed to increase their reach and social impact,” says Sexton. “By utilizing Amplify for Selling sales will see an impact on the speed and quality of direct engagement and outreach with potential buyers, ultimately accelerating their pipeline.”

The platform’s curation function, according to Sexton, will integrate with CRMs, thereby accelerating the sales pipeline through target social engagement. This engagement will allow sales teams to generate new leads and create greater relationships with consumers through retweets and likes, as well as reply to conversations.

“Hootsuite Amplify for Selling empowers salespeople to nurture and develop relationships on social that ultimately lead to qualified sales opportunities,” says Sexton. “Amplify for Selling will increase efficiency and open up the opportunities for salespeople to reach their target audience through a quicker, easier solution.”

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