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Homebuilder Estridge Companies uses TV event for e-mail acquisition

The Estridge Companies, an Indianapolis-based homebuilder, has selected ExactTarget to run the e-mail acquisition program for its upcoming work with ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project.

The homebuilder has been selected to design a house for the TV show and is looking for local volunteers and sponsors to help participate in the project. The Estridge Companies is taking advantage of the interest that this event will garner to help build its database.

“We were given an incredible opportunity to build this home, and we would like to make sure that we are effective at getting the information to anyone who is interested in this project,” said Mary Catharine Grau, director of marketing and advertising at Estridge Companies.

“We anticipate an overwhelming response of interest from the community and from the press, and so we wanted to make sure that as people were interested in us, we weren’t just giving them information, but that we were collecting their information to help build the relationship,” she added.
Once a consumer opt-ins in, they will receive a welcome message and triggered messages about their shifts and about Estridge. These e-mails will include content from Estridge’s sponsors.

Estridge has worked with ExactTarget for its e-mail marketing for years, but this is the first time that the brand is taking advantage of ExactTarget’s Landing Pages and Smart Capture tool. These tools will help Estridge to quickly build a microsite for the building event that includes an e-mail opt-in platform, which ties into their existing list.

“Our landing page offering allows clients to create microsites quickly and get them up and running in exactly this type of situation,” said R.J. Talyor, product marketing manager at ExactTarget. “You can get these up, in addition, to an e-mail program within basically four days.”

There also will be a text functionality, so that consumers can text in a keyword to join the list and receive messaging based on their specific keyword, such as green buildings or Estridge Homes. There is also a Twitter feed, for people looking to connect via social media.

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