Holiday Shoppers Have Longer Lists in 2014

It seems like Black Friday warriors were out in full force this holiday season, much to the chagrin of humbugs everywhere.

More than one third of holiday shoppers have longer shopping lists in 2014 than they did the year prior, according to a survey by SAS. In addition, more than half of the more than 2,000 holiday shoppers surveyed are buying the same amount and only 10% are cutting back on spending.

The business analytics company’s survey also showed that respondents plan to spend $115 per family member, $57 per friend, and $38 per co-worker.

“This is a good sign for the economy, so retailers should take heart,” said Alan Lipson, SAS global retail industry strategist.

The “average holiday shopper,” according to SAS, is 46 years old, shops for 13 people, and plans to lay out $1,119 on presents, including the $299 she’s going to spend on her beau. The work also detailed seven dominant holiday shopping styles:

  • Black Friday warriors: 21% of respondents; spend an average of $1,422. These are the knuckleheads that stand in line all night waiting for stores to open; clearly, they love the holidays.
  • Budget busters: 11% of respondents; spend an average of $1,132.These people shop throughout the holiday season and purchase a variety of gifts for many recipients. Budget busters indulge loved ones, pay for convenience, exceed their planned budgets, and look down upon gift cards.
  • Practical shoppers: 21% of respondents; spend an average of $1,108. Practical shoppers knock out all of their shopping at one time, use a list, and stick to their budget. Clothing is this demographic’s top gift choice.
  • Perfect gifters; 19% of respondents; spend an average of $1,056.A love of shopping and the ability to find inspiration from many sources define perfect gifters. Giving unique gifts is important to them, and they love to indulge people. Holiday shopping is usually complete prior to Thanksgiving for perfect gifters.
  • Cyber shoppers: 19% of respondents; spend an average of $955.Holiday shopping is a chore to these people. They avoid crowds and prefer to shop online at home in their pajamas. Cyber shoppers often don’t know what they want to buy before an online search.
  • Last-minute hopefuls: 5% of respondents; spend an average of $955. They dash through the mall on Christmas Eve to try to save money, and they buy all gifts at once. Gift cards are the gift of choice for last-minute hopefuls.
  • Humbugs: 5% of respondents; spend an average of $941.Humbugs are the opposite of Black Friday warriors. These Scrooges think that holiday decorations appear too soon, dislike the holiday crowds, don’t indulge loved ones, and won’t pay for convenience. They’re stingy, delay until the last minute, and shun holiday sales.

“Our research suggests [that] retailers should target the budget-conscious shopper during the Black Friday weekend,” SAS’s Lipson said. “Alternate promotions are in order as the season progresses. Effectively appealing to different consumer segments—especially during the holiday season, when consumers aren’t shopping for themselves—is a complex puzzle. Analyzing data is the only way to solve it.”

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