Hibachi restaurant cooks up effective promotion for Mexican vacation offer

This seemingly traditional postcard has a few twists. The vertical design gives it a different look. It includes the necessary elements of an effective direct mail piece, including the com­pany’s logo, contact information, and a reasonably good visual. Most importantly, it offers a call to ac­tion.

The piece invites patrons to participate in a drawing for a trip to a Mexican resort in celebration of the restaurant’s anniversary. This is especially well-executed, because it directs recipients to visit the restau­rant each week during the month-long promotion, telling them that each time they visit, they can enter the drawing.

This could drive people to the restaurant up to four times during the promotion. The background photo showing the hibachi chef cooking on a hot grill is inviting and makes it immediately identifi­able that this is a Japanese hibachi restaurant.

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