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HeyButler.com selects Knotice for e-mail

HeyButler.com, a search engine specializing in retail discounts, has selected e-mail marketing services firm Knotice to run its e-mail marketing.

Under the terms of the partnership, HeyButler.com will use Knotice’s Concentri platform to power up its e-mail program. As part of the new program, HeyButler will be using Knotice’s Universal Profile Management system to segment their list and send more targeted e-mails.

“Before we were sending general e-mails to whole group, but now we will segment the database and make sure that we are getting more specific messages to customers,” said Darren Rose, president/co-founder of HeyButler.com .

The HeyButler.com demographic are adults that have children and more specifically women age 35 to 52. Customers usually come to the site to find savings for businesses that are offline.

HeyButler.com will now be segmenting its e-mails by location, shopping habits, savings desires and also based on purchases or on visits to a specific part of the HeyButler.com site.

“The idea is to provide people with the best possible user experience,” added Rose.

Prior to working with Knotice, HeyButler.com sent e-mail newsletters about products and deals once a month, but they have plans to send these twice a month now, only this time more segmented.

“E-mail is the least expensive and most effective way to reach our audience and a great way to create a good user experience,” said Rose. “E-mail lets customers click right through to our site, whereas a traditional mail piece is going to make you have to take more action. E-mail offers a much quicker call-to-action.”

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