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Havas Digital partners with Media6?

Havas Digital has entered into a multilevel strategic partnership with Media6?, a social media advertising firm.

Under the agreement, Havas Digital agencies will have access to the Media6? data, deemed its “social graph,” a targeting and analytics technology.

The partnership also will involve Media6? working with Havas Digital to develop data and insights within Havas Digital’s Virtual Brand Network for Advertisers, a network that aggregates its digital media inventory, such as banner ad inventory, to meet the specific demands of a particular client.

“They have a tremendous amount of data, and we will be a provider and thought leaders to help them bring more insight to these campaigns and make them more relevant to consumers,” said Joe Doran, CEO of Media6?. “This will help in bring the social graph data to their clients and apply it to their campaigns.”

The agency’s technology maps the social graph, while the Havas Virtual Brand Network for Advertisers has data with specific information about brands and campaigns.

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