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Harte-Hanks Offers Best Practices for Tech Sales to Small Business

NEW YORK — Small and midsized businesses of 10 to 200 employees offer technology sales opportunities, according to a study released yesterday by Harte-Hanks Inc. at the DMD conference. The challenge is to match sales and marketing programs to the most commonly cited buying requirements of these businesses.

The study, done by the market intelligence team at Harte-Hanks in the first quarter of 2003, examined how technology purchasing decisions are made at small and midsized businesses, and what the “best practices” are for tapping technology revenue opportunity at these locations.

Research methodology included focus groups, interviews with technology buyers at 611 small and midsized businesses and analysis of 280,000 telephone-verified profiles of technology infrastructure and decision makers contained in the Harte-Hanks CI Technology Database.

The study, “Tapping the SMB Opportunity: A Guide to Sell and Market Technology Effectively to Small and Medium Business,” is available at www.hartehanksmi.com/smb.

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