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Harte Hanks Launches Data Refinery

Multichannel marketing services provider Harte Hanks today introduced the Data Refinery, a Hadoop-based platform that sorts large volumes of data across multiple sources in real time. The result, promises the company, is application-specific customer profiles that are based on the most current and accurate data.

“Think of marketing data as a jigsaw puzzle in millions of pieces. To determine what the consumer is thinking, you have to solve the puzzle—and the clock is ticking faster than you can put the pieces together,” says Harte Hanks CMO Frank Grillo. “Data Refinery solves the puzzle for you.”

A press release touts the Refinery’s “flexible data ingestion and preparation” that allows for on-demand analysis and modeling and leads, ideally, to more relevant messaging based on real-time feedback. It sifts through both structured and unstructured data to select the most valuable data elements for the task at hand, Harte Hanks says.

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