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Hall of Famer Steve Young’s Marketing Words of Wisdom

Quarterbacks are known for being the leaders of their teams, and Hall of Famer Steve Young proved to be no exception. But the former San Francisco 49er showed that he could also be an MVP in the marketing arena when he took the stage with moderator and ABC7 San Francisco Sports Anchor Colin Resch at Adobe Summit’s day-two keynote.

Here’s a list of Young’s most quotable moments, which marketers can use to motivate their teams and lead their organizations to victory. 

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“Reinvent yourself people. Don’t get stuck with one number.”

“How do you reinvent yourself? I guarantee that you can’t reinvent yourself. You can just figure out other ways to deliver and receive. To me, it’s all about being ingenious with what you have and being ready to just be agile [and] responding. [It’s] being ready.”


“You can’t be afraid of people. In my mind some of the most fun things about performing and challenging yourself is finding out how good you are. So, find out how good you are against the best. That’s when you really know.”

Believing in yourself:

“Don’t tell me who I am. I want to go find out who I am and find out how good I can be.”

Overcoming challenges:

“There might be a way to tell people that the odds are against you. I’m OK with that. Odds are against me? I’ll take that. But don’t tell me I’m out.”


“There’s nothing that makes you older than not knowing what happens in technology.”


“This is what’s wrong with data. It doesn’t tell the story. They always say numbers never lie. Well, numbers don’t tell the whole truth, either.”


“We’re all in it together. There are teams; there are people. Everyone has a responsibility, and you have to royally screw up on multiple levels to lose that game.”


“If the ultimate guys are not accountable, no one else is going to be incentivized to be accountable below them.”

Why marketing:

“Football is for young people. You get kicked out early. Marketing, you can go forever. There’s no age limit.”

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