Group Plans To Unveil Privacy Policy Database

Privacy & American Business will unveil a Web-based Privacy Policy Database next month at a privacy workshop in Washington, the group said yesterday.

The database will contain consumer privacy policies from companies in several industries including banking, credit, consumer reporting, health, insurance, investments, pharmaceutical and telecommunications. Policies deemed outstanding by the group will be flagged with explanations of why they are effective and how to emulate them.

Users will be able to search the database by industry, location, opt-in/opt-out, offline/online, consumer response method, availability of a contact person and more.

The database also will contain information on legislation that drives privacy policies such as the Gramm Leach Bliley Financial Modernization Act and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

The database will be available at the group's Web site at after the Dec. 5-6 Privacy Leadership Group Briefing and Workshop. It will be updated quarterly.

Newsletter publisher Privacy & American Business is a creation of the Center for Social and Legal Research, a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy privacy and data protection think tank in Hackensack, NJ.

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