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Grassroots Marketing Campaign — How To Do It Right

grassroots marketing

In today’s world, technology has made marketing more accessible than ever before. Society is now at the forefront where craft and cunning can match capital dollar for dollar and compete. However, in the landscape of social media, what is grassroots marketing and how does it work? Also, what are some of the best tactics for effective grassroots marketing?

What is Grassroots Marketing?

Grassroots marketing is a form of promotion that relies heavily on social capital. This includes low-budget options like word of mouth, free social media working, natural promotions, and the occasional trend of opportunism to effectively ride circumstance to the top. While this is rather a spectrum than a binary the principles are easily implemented at no cost and can only be served to be bolstered in the presence of impending capital.

Grassroots marketing relies heavily on sharing and is often highly targeted to reach heightened amounts of turnover and sharing naturally However, this can be done in a broader sense albeit, often being far less calculated.

Generally, Grassroots Marketing relies on:

  • Knowing the Audience
  • Getting Creative
  • A Call to Action
  • Easily Insertable Over a “Relatable” but Broad Aspect of a Human Experience

Below are some more in-depth looks at ideas and functionalities you can implement across an array of different “niche groups” or “target audiences.”

Offer Free Value

You can interchange this title with basically anything. Offer services for free,  products, advice, etc. In its own way, this very blog is a breathing example of this mentality at work.

By offering reputable, respectable information – for free. This writing is of purported value to you. Should the time ever come to sell something, this blog and me the author – Macaulay Keevins will effectively be selling our repute and moments of trust and reliability that we have built with you alongside whatever product or service is going as the title of the transaction.

By doing all of this for free you are essentially establishing a back payment on marketing and reliability, and even further – value with no capital. Grassroots.

Find Your People

Find partners, get connected, and meet people. The right people. Guru Grant Cardone said it best in his 90-day spree with the discovery channel to make a million-dollar company: ‘I didn’t get paid and I didn’t make a company.’

He fell in with the right people and launched a joint venture to accrue his new wealth. The idea is that the right people already have the content, contacts, and contracts you want. They’re already in play. Find a way to bring value to them. Think about this in terms of what actions you can provide.

Find Free Platforms

This is the most obvious and approachable key. By waging free platforms like social media you can get eyes voluntarily from people willingly swimming into the funnel. They want to be there looking at swimsuit photos or on their friends’ vacations. With your content appearing in that pipeline, you instantly gain access to their eyes and ears. In today’s attention-based economy content is rapidly becoming king – alongside code. These are self-proliferating carousels of recurring value that strike copious abundance off a one-time down payment.

Social media is free to play, and while there are other – potentially more effective ways to take advantage of it with capital, it is incredibly easy to take advantage of with nothing but a connection to some internet and time.

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