Google launches a new logo (although you can barely tell it’s different)

Looks like its logo changing season in Silicon Valley. Following the footsteps of Bing and Yahoo, Google becomes the latest tech company to announce a redesigned logo, but you really have to look closely to see the change.

The new logo is basically flat, without the 3-D, raised texture of the old one. Not an earth shattering change by any stretch of the imagination. 

So why did Google spend so much time denying that it was going to change its logo? 

Last week, speaking to Quartz,  a Google rep denied that there was a change happening:

We were told that Google had used the flat version of its logo in print for years, which is true, but that Google had no plans to use the logo online—”not at all,” said someone familiar with Google’s brand guidelines. It would be inaccurate, we were told, to say that Google had a new logo.

But of course that’s exactly what happened yesterday when eagle-eyed coders spotted the logo change in the Google homepage.  According to Quartz, turns out it was because part of the company didn’t even know the change was going to happen. 

“What I did not know at the time was that we would be rolling out that logo as part of a separate initiative,” someone familiar with Google’s brand guidelines said, recalling our earlier conversation. “The logo was a very small part of that launch, and I hadn’t heard about it.”

This calls for a #CommunicationFail. 






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