Goodmail debuts CertifiedDomain whitelist

E-mail delivery firm Goodmail Systems has published its CertifiedDomain list, a whitelist of e-mail senders based on domain reputation. Travelocity, Kmart and The New York Times Co. are among the approximately 500 marketers on the list.

Goodmail is introducing the service as the industry moves from IP to domain authentication mode for certifying e-mail authenticity for delivery.

Marketers can pay Goodmail to send messages via CertifiedEmail. Once they are certified as compliant and following best practices, the platform can help senders get delivered through bypassing certain filters.

“As reputation is moving from IP addresses to domain, it is important for the industry to have a list of authenticated domains,” said Daniel Dreymann, president and co-founder of Goodmail. “Now many senders are authenticating in message, so it makes sense to stop using IP addresses and to attribute the reputation to the domain where the e-mail is coming from.”

Senders can go through an accreditation process to get onto Goodmail’s list, which includes analysis of sending practices and checks across a number of public and private databases. Goodmail plans to maintain the list on an ongoing basis, and names can be added or dropped based on the sender’s practices.

Goodmail plans to debut a line of domain-based products throughout next year designed to help marketers manage their e-mail sending reputations.

“Efforts such as this one to that aid in advancing subscriber trust through a sender’s reputation are a positive step forward for the industry,” said David Daniels, VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research. “Inboxes continue to be attacked by nefarious senders and all too often the recipients fall prey to these stunts. Marketers must move quickly to adopt a cocktail of best practices to ensure that their reputation is not under attack.”

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