Glory Foods taps The Brandon Agency as AOR

Glory Foods, a soul food company based out of Columbus, has selected South Carolina-based The Brandon Agency to be its agency of record, according to Glory Foods VP of operations Dan Charna. The Brandon Agency replaces agency Images USA.

While Glory Foods has predominately catered to Africa-Americans, the company hopes to expand its target demographic among the southeast region, according to Charna. “We primarily have been a radio advertising company,” said Charna. “We plan on pushing alternative media.” In addition, Glory Foods will increase focus on television spots, flanked by a strong online presence. “There are so many people interested in food nowadays,” said Charna. “You look at the Food Channel for instance, and there are so many people writing about food on blogs.”

Ultimately, Glory Foods intends to reach out to more people online. This includes re-doing the website and taking an active as opposed to passive approach to social media and other online interactions.

“We’ve had [a digital presence] before, but never as robust,” said Charna. “We are actively seeking people who enjoy southern foods. We’ve always had a Facebook site and posted some things here and there but mostly because we had to.”

According to Erin Barrett, COO and director of public relations at The Brandon Agency, the agency has  been a full-service multimedia marketing agency since the 90s. “We look for a lot of different ways to amplify (reach) via digital assets and resources,” she said. “We have a dedicated social media team and a dedicated interactive team.

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