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4 Custom Giveaways Master Marketers Can Give to Their Clients

Branded promotional products or company giveaways are always fun to receive. Use this opportunity to open doors in an exciting, fresh way.
Branded promotional products or company giveaways are always fun to receive. Use this opportunity to open doors in an exciting, fresh way.

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Even in today’s digital-driven world, branded promotional products or company giveaways are still fun to receive. Such items are typically simple in nature, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t purposeful or worthwhile. In many cases, the pandemic halted gifting, so consider this year your opportunity to reopen these doors in an exciting, fresh way.

Selecting the right giveaway for your brand may seem trivial. You likely have a hundred other business decisions to make today. However, your choice of branded gift items shouldn’t be an afterthought. Choosing the right gift is a financial investment — some of these items aren’t cheap! — and a branding decision. Think of the giveaway as an advertisement. You want to make sure the product sends the right message.

All that said, you’ve likely gotten your fair share of giveaways from trade shows, conferences, or vendors. How many of these items have you kept, and how many have you quickly tossed aside? For a while, branded flash drives were all the rage, as were mouse pads. These gifts might seem a bit dated today, but there are up-to-moment choices that will please recipients now. Keep reading for four custom giveaways you can give your clients.

1. Apparel

Clothing is a gift that keeps on giving — both to your recipient and to you. Every time a client wears your branded joggers or pullover, they are a walking advertisement for your business.

Unlike some other gift items, which will stay in the office or at home, apparel is essentially a walking billboard. Craft a cool enough design for your giveaways, and your clients will happily wear your swag for a full season or even a few years.

Nowadays, custom T-shirts can be created completely online, making it an easy, seamless process for your company. You can upload your logo and then select a background color to best showcase your brand. Remember, the higher quality of the T-shirt, the more likely someone is going to keep it and wear it.

2. Travel Gear

Now that the world is slowly opening up again, travel is picking up. Branded luggage tags and toiletry bags are great ways to ease your clients’ next getaway. For VIP clients, you can up the ante with branded carry-on luggage.

You’d have a particular reason to make travel gear your next custom giveaway is if it fits in with a company marketing strategy or theme. For instance, if your company just launched an international expansion, then travel gear is a perfect match for giveaways. If your company recently announced remote work, this giveaway will appeal to the digital nomads in your audience. Add a clever note along with the gift to tie the travel theme in with your brand.

3. Laptop Case or Bag

With more and more people working outside of the office, laptops are also on the move. A padded laptop case or bag is a helpful, practical gift that will likely get a lot of use. Laptop cases can fit tablets as well, making them dual-purpose.

One thing to consider is that laptop cases come in different sizes. If you go this route, you might order an extra-large case that will fit all laptops. Alternatively, you could purchase cases in a couple of standard sizes, such as 13 and 15 inches.

Another suggestion is to go with a laptop bag, either a backpack or a shoulder-strapped bag. That way everyone can use it, no matter what devices they own.

4. Water Bottle

Humans need to stay hydrated, which means reusable water bottles will never go out of style.

Again, these are branded billboards for your company, so you want to choose one that is high quality. Glass is an appealing option, but obviously such bottles can easily break during shipping. Stainless steel may be the safest choice, and several well-known brands such as Hydro Flask and YETI are made from this material.

If your company is promoting a new sustainable or environmental strategy, reusable water bottles are a great tie-in for giveaways. With this in mind, make sure the packaging you’re using is also environmentally savvy. A fancy bottle in a box filled with plastic peanuts won’t really convey your desired message.


An Advertising Specialty Institute study found 85% of recipients of some branded swag will remember the company that gave it to them.

That astonishing recall rate means putting some time and energy into your giveaway is worth the effort. When choosing a product, think about how it will be received — and the logistics of offering it. Lugging cases of glass water bottles to a conference may not be the best (or easiest) gift-giving tactic to execute. In this case, a laptop sleeve may be the wiser choice.

If you are mailing the giveaways to clients, see whether the vendor you are using can also be in charge of individual shipping. It can be time-consuming for one of your employees to mail off each product. Also, due to supply chain delays, be sure to place your orders well ahead of when you want them.

Lastly, survey your employees on what types of giveaways they consider the best. Those closest to the business are apt to have some excellent insights that you aren’t thinking of yourself. Furthermore, soliciting their input is another way to get your employees involved and excited about the brand. No matter what you select, remember that your brand’s image is at stake, and a great impression is worth its weight in gold.

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