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Full Circle Insights Launches ABM Solution

Full Circle Insights launched a lead-to-account matching solution called Matchmaker, which enables marketing and sales teams to engage prospects with lead matching, lead conversion, and lead assignment.

The solutions program, which utilizes full account context and targeting, will give sales, revenue, and marketing operations managers the ability to generate and convert leads with account-based marketing, sales, and analytics.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Matchmaker will automatically link leads to brand accounts with fuzzy matching logic, a technique used in computer-assisted translation as a special case of record linkage.

“The main thing Matchmaker accomplishes is solving the workflow issues of traditional marketing,” said Feng Hong, senior product marketing manager at Full Circle Insights. “With more technology tools though, there is more and more data, and this will give brands a better ability to weed out the unusable data from the usable.”

This ability is enhanced for the sales, revenue, and marketing operations managers with Matchmaker’s lead-to-contacts feature that uses a self-customizable, drag-and-drop rules engine.

The Matchmaker engine also includes features that automatically assign leads to accounts and sales reps, as well as an account rating system, which monitors the health and activity.

“Today’s marketers, with all the technology and information, do not have time to clean up lead data – it’s impossible,” said Fong. “Matchmaker bridges this gap for marketers and delivers them a single-source of truth.”

The automated process, said Fong, will ideally enable marketers and sales reps to engage and target accounts with more efficiency to accelerate the process and close deals.

Full Circle Insights is a maker of sales and marketing solutions products, including  multi-touch attribution, comprehensive funnel metrics and lead management technology.

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