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From Marketing to Social Commerce: Download The Hub event E-book

Download an in depth report from The Hub’s inaugural event “From Marketing to Social Commerce,” featuring pictures, interviews and exclusive insights from our speakers.

The Hub’s first event, in partnership with W2O Group, was held at RocketSpace in San Francisco on June 27th, 2013, with the theme “From Marketing to Social Commerce.”  We convened some of the smartest marketing minds from a diverse set of companies to discuss the new age of marketing, using digital tools and succeeding at social commerce. The event included a panel discussion, hosted by The Hub’s editor-in-chief Steve Barrett and a keynote address by TJ Sassani, CEO and founder of ZoziI.

Topics included

1) The breaking down of different marketing disciplines into a more integrated approach

2) How to create brand authenticity and consistently deliver on it

3) The changing face of digital marketing and the shift towards agile campaigns

4) The rise of data analytics and the need for Math Men instead of Mad Men

5) The shift towards more earned and shared content instead of paid. 

Click here to download the e-book 

You can also check out a highlights video of the event below. 

This is the first in what we hope will be a series of many events by The Hub. We hope you enjoyed it. Please feel to email us any feedback at [email protected]

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