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Firstlogic Enhances Postalsoft Suite

WASHINGTON — Firstlogic Inc., La Crosse, WI, announced the general availability of a new technology in its Postalsoft suite of mail automation software at the 2004 National Postal Forum here yesterday.

The technology, Postsort.dat Manager, lets organizations use the Mail.dat standard to improve mail acceptance, gain access to electronic postage payment options and offer agents, owners and others a greater ability to analyze their mailings.

Mail.dat, created and maintained by the IDEAlliance, is the industry standard for electronically communicating information about a mailing throughout the value chain. To effectively communicate and use the information in this standard, such as taking advantage of electronic postage payment like the USPS PostalOne! Program, mailers need a technology that can help them view, edit and manipulate Mail.dat files.

With such capabilities, mailers can analyze the makeup of their mailings, speed mail acceptance and ensure that accurate piece attributes are communicated from preproduction to printing to delivery.

Postsort.dat Manager provides reports for analyzing mail preparation and delivery. Its editing capabilities ensure information in the Mail.dat accurately reflects changes in the mailing process while maintaining compliance to the accepted standard.

“Working with ‘raw’ Mail.dat files can sometimes be difficult and confusing,” said Susan Pinter, director of postal systems, Arandell Corp., a provider of printing and distribution services for direct marketing organizations in Menomonee Falls, WI. “Postsort.dat Manager takes the complication out of working with Mail.dat files thanks to its user-friendly interface and prepackaged reports.”

Postsort.dat Manager can be purchased as a standalone application or as part of a mailing automation solution from Firstlogic. Introductory pricing is $795, which includes the first year’s maintenance and customer support.

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