Firstlogic Certified for ANKLink

Firstlogic Inc. said yesterday that it has been certified to provide the U.S. Postal Service's new ANKLink technology.

Firstlogic's ANKLink solution is available as an option to its Mover I.D. package, part of the overall Postalsoft suite of mail automation software.

Last month, the USPS introduced ANKLink, a new addressing product. It lets providers and users of NCOALink, the national change of address system, detect whether there was a “probable move” beyond the 18-month limit up to 48 months. ANKLink stands for “address not known,” and it is an optional enhancement to NCOALink. It also uses NCOALink's secure data-store technology.

This data is important because 45 million Americans change their addresses annually, the USPS said. One billion pieces of mail are returned or disposed of because the addressee no longer resides at the mailing address and the forwarding period has expired.

ANKLink is available to NCOALink limited service provider licensees and to end-user mailer licensees.

Postalsoft customers using Firstlogic's ANKLink solution will develop better mailing lists in the same or less time than with their original address-cleanse procedures because all of Firstlogic's address-accuracy solutions are designed to analyze address information in a single pass through the system, the company said.

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